See everything that's happening on your website—right now.

Tamboo shows you everything your analytics program can't.

Visitor recordings overview

See everything your website visitors do.

Tamboo automatically records videos of every visit to your website—and lets you watch them at your convenience.

  • Easy setup on any website.
  • See every scroll, click, mouse move, and keystroke.
  • Watch individual recordings or complete visits.
  • Pause, play, rewind, and fast-forward with ease.
  • See everything exactly as your visitors saw it.

Visitor recordings and more.

Tamboo gives you all the tools you need to see how people are really using your website, including:

  • Best in class visitor recordings.
  • Easy to use heatmaps with click and scroll summaries.
  • Powerful rules-based tagging.
  • Engagement scoring.
  • And more!

The best way to experience Tamboo is to see it in action on your site.

It's easy and takes less than three minutes!

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