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70% of online businesses don't know why they can't turn more of their visitors into customers. Do you?

What You Don't Know About Conversion Rates

How many sales have you missed today?

If you're like most people running a website, you might think that low traffic numbers are to blame for your lack of sales. After all, every piece of advice you've gotten has probably been to do more marketing and build more traffic, right?

But the truth is that for 2 out of 3 online businesses—traffic is not the problem.

Their conversion rates are.

The average website converts just 2.35% of its visitors into paying customers.

Online businesses lose most of their potential sales due to basic issues:

By learning what to "fix", businesses often see dramatic increases in revenue:

94% of all first impressions are based on the design and experience of a company's website 83% increase in conversions by investing only 10% of development time in conversion efforts
88% of visitors are less likely to return to a website after having had a bad experience 225% increase in sales just by providing the right product info at the right time
70% of websites fail to provide their visitors with the information they're looking for and an effective call to action 3-6X as many sales with the same amount of traffic
Visitor Recordings and More

The secret weapons that lead to higher conversion rates.

Tamboo records everything your website visitors do—so you can actually see what's working and what's not—with powerful tools such as:

  • Visitor recordings
  • Interactive heatmaps
  • Behavioral analytics
  • Rules-based tagging
  • Activity filters
Use Cases

Discover the opportunities awaiting you.

Tamboo helps businesses solve their toughest conversion problems.


  • See what engages your visitors the most—and what doesn't
  • Watch how visitors interact with your landing pages and offers
  • Discover your most effective calls to action
  • Uncover conversion issues hiding in your marketing funnel
  • Learn which sites you get your most engaged visitors from

Startups & Tech

  • Gauge how interested visitors are in your product offering
  • Discover what's keeping visitors from signing up for a trial
  • Uncover why potential customers drop off from your onboarding flow
  • Watch how changes you make to your site affect visitor behavior
  • See which plan options people spend the most time evaluating


  • See which products (and options) your visitors interact with the most
  • Uncover why your shoppers abandon their carts mid-purchase
  • Discover hidden problems in your checkout process
  • Learn what people do and look for before they make a purchase
  • Find opportunities to optimize your sales funnel and increase your average order size
7x Increase!

Tamboo helped me learn how to improve my website's user experience. I was able to analyse how different features were being used and optimized them based on what I saw. Because of this, people are signing up way faster. Tamboo helped me go from five signups a week to now almost five signups a day.

Tony Schumacher Founder, Custodee Custodee tracks competitor websites for you. Monitor competitor products to adjust your marketing campaigns and increase sales.
60% Increase!

Tamboo showed me what changes I needed to make to increase visitor engagement and improve sign-ups. Numbers is one thing, user behaviour is something else entirely. You can get numbers from any analytics package, but you get real user behaviour from Tamboo.

Kevin Beynon Founder, Libreture The personal e-book library for hardcore readers. Store your DRM-free e-books, organise them into reading lists, and discover great new titles.

Unlock your online business's true potential.

Tamboo has helped hundreds of business owners discover how to get more conversions, signups, and sales from their existing website visitors.

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