What if you could look over your website visitor's shoulder?

Have you ever wondered why 99% of your visitors never turn into customers?

It's time to stop guessing - and start learning.

See how visitor recordings can show you exactly what your customers want.

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Imagine if you could watch high-definition videos of your website visitors in a YouTube-like player

See every scroll, mouse movement, click, and keystroke

It's simple - just drop our small tracking code on your website.
Every one of your website visits will be automatically recorded
- and that's when the real fun starts!


Did you know that 67.91% of shopping carts are abandonded before checkout? Do you know if that's happening to you - and why? Did they leave because they couldn't find the checkout button? Or did they not like the available payment options? Find out by watching your visitors as they navigate your site to make a purchase. Instantly see where they hesitate, pause, go off the intended path, or even bounce from your site.

SaaS Signups

Getting new signups while lowering your CAC and maximizing your LTV are key to running a successful Software-as-a-Service business. By optimizing your marketing pages, you can increase the number of signups to your app and at the same time lower your CAC (more conversions!) Watch how your visitors behave on your marketing pages to see where they spend the most time, or what might be causing them to hit the back button before they sign up.

Info Products

The first-time offering of an info product is usually the most important (and lucrative). You need to understand how your website visitors interact with your marketing and product pages as quickly as possible so you can detect issues and make changes before your window of opportunity is over. See how visitors interact with your site - and how the changes you make affect their behavior - in real-time.


Writing great content is only one part of running a successful blog. Getting readers to engage with your other content, subscribe to your mailing list, and come back for new posts are other keys to success. Watching how visitors engage with your content can help you understand what interests them and what disinterests them. See where readers scroll through too fast or slow down to devour every written word.

Landing Pages

Building out landing pages can be a time-consuming process, with a lot of effort spent on finding the right headline, message, and copy to truly resonate with your visitors. Rather than blindly A/B test a hundred different "experiments", what if you could see how captivated or disengaged visitors are with your different landing pages? Quickly see which elements of your most successful landing pages drive the most engagement and conversions.

Content Marketing

Content marketing can feel like a real guessing game at times. One way to hone your content marketing skills is to watch how people read your content. This alone will tell you more about how to structure your content than anything else. For example, did you know that most people read your intro - then immediately scroll to the bottom and read your closing? Only then do they go back and read the article in full (if they're still interested, of course). Imagine what else you can learn.

Paid Advertising

When you're paying to drive traffic to your site - whether you're paying for purchases or leads - you want to make sure every dollar counts. Are people intrigued by your ad, but don't engage wth your purchase page? Or do they hestitate when they see the "buy" button? Do mobile users behave differently on your site than you expected? Easily see and experience all of the nuanced behavior that can give you the insights you need to hone your paid sales funnels.

And More

Tamboo can be used on any website - public or private - to see exactly what your visitors see and do. If you've ever wondered how mobile users use your site, or what people actually do on your pages - Tamboo will show you the answers.

See what turns visitors into customers
- and what turns others away

Have you ever wondered why people come to your website, look around, and then leave without ever signing up or making a purchase?

Just think about it: If they were interested enough to click on a link to your site, why weren't they interested enough to become a customer of yours?

A lot of people think more traffic will help them get more customers. But what if you could get more customers from the traffic you already have today?

The key is to watch (not guess!) what visitors do on your website so you can learn what turns some visitors into paying customers - and what turns other visitors away.

Massively successful brands like Amazon, eBay, and others commonly use this exact approach to optimize their websites to maximum effect.

But up until now, unless you had the resources (and budget) like they do, this capability would have been out of your reach. In the meantime, we've all had to settle for basic analytics and heat map software to try and infer what customers want - often with frustrating results.

Come see what you've been missing - you'll wonder how you ever ran website without it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our plans are priced based on the number of visitors your website gets, starting at just $29/mo. Unlike other apps you're probably paying for, Tamboo pays for itself. If you're able to add just one more order of $29 or more a month after using Tamboo, the cost of Tamboo is covered, and every order after that is pure profit. One of our customers put it best: "It's a no-brainer - it pays for itself with every new sale I've made since I started using it!"

Doesn't it take a lot of time to watch all of these videos?

Not at all. You can pick and choose which videos you want to watch, and you can even drill-down to watch videos of specific pages. But honestly, you'll probably want to spend more time watching videos than you think you would. Once you see what you've been missing by not being able to watch your website visitors, you're going to want to see more. Try it out and you'll see what we mean.

I'm not technical - how do I do this?

After you sign up, we'll give you a small tracking code to add to your website's HTML. We provide detailed step-by-step instructions for how to do this, and even offer plugins for popular platforms like WordPress. If you're still not sure what to do after signing up, we can take care of getting everything set up for you - free of charge.

How long do recordings stay available?

Recordings are kept for up to a year.

Can I use Tamboo on more than one website?

You bet! You can use one Tamboo account and tracking code across multiple websites. All of your visitor recordings - regardless of which website they came from - will show up under your Tamboo account so you can watch them all in one place.

Will this break my website?

No - we've never broken anyone's website. Tamboo has been used to serve millions of pageviews without issue and is rigorously tested to ensure it has no impact on website performance.

Is it okay to use Tamboo on a website that I don't own?

No. You need to own any website you put Tamboo on, and ideally disclose to your users through your privacy policy how you use recordings of their sessions. We perform audits to make sure Tamboo is only being used ethically and in a manner consistent with its intended use.

Isn't this spying?

Not at all. Using Tamboo to understand how your visitors behave on your site is really no different than using analytics tools like Google Analytics, heatmaps, or even instrumentation tools like New Relic. We're just more focused on the user experience aspect.

Is Tamboo good for doing UX testing?

Yes! In fact, that's one of Tamboo's strengths over other analytics tools. Tamboo helps you perform website usability testing beyond just click tracking. You'll be able to see exactly how your website's DOM gets rendered in your user's browser and how they interact with it - with every mouse movement, click, scroll, and keyboard stroke recorded and played back at exactly the speed they performed them.

I have a web-based application. Can I use Tamboo on it?

Sure thing! In fact, we even use Tamboo on Tamboo (pretty meta, huh?) to constantly learn from our customers and make improvements to our own application. Not only can you use Tamboo on public-facing web applications, but you can also use Tamboo on intranet-based web applications as well. So even if your web app sits behind a corporate firewall, you can still watch how internal users use your application.

My web app is a SPA (Single Page Application) - is that okay?

It depends. We designed Tamboo to be used on traditional websites with occassional JavaScript events, not SPAs or highly interactive JavaScript-driven frameworks like AngularJS, React, or Meteor. You can try it out, but you should know at this time we don't support SPA URL changes, and have noticed that applications with overly frequent DOM manipulation can slow down. We're working on supporting this use case, but it's not officially supported at the moment.

Do I have to install this on my whole site, or can I just use it on certain pages?

We recommend that most customers install Tamboo on their whole website whenever possible at least until they get a feel for how visitors use their whole site. But if you have a website with hundreds or thousands of pages of content, and are really only interested in a handful of pages, it may make sense to only install Tamboo on those pages. This is easy enough to do - only install the Tamboo tracking code on those pages that you want to record.

Where can I see a demo?

The best way to see a demo is to see it in action on your site - and there's no reason not to! We offer a free 14 day pass to try Tamboo out on your site - no credit card, no gimmicks. You can try it out for free today and start seeing how visitors use your site in less than three minutes!

Does Tamboo work with mobile sites?

Absolutely! In fact, when you watch a visitor recording of a mobile visitor, you'll see exactly how your site renders on their specific mobile device. Watching mobile visitors is a unique experience and helps you really understand how their behavior differs from desktop visitors.

Hey there!

A personal note from the founder

Hey there! I'm Clifford, the founder of Tamboo. I live in Cleveland with my awesome family and absolutely love helping people grow their businesses.

People often ask me what the secret is to building a successful online business. A lot of times they think there's some slick marketing trick or sales tactic they're missing. Maybe because of that, they're always surprised by my answer. The single most important thing I've learned from starting and growing online businesses is this: It's how well you understand your customer that makes or breaks your business.

I wish I could say that I was born a marketing genius and that's the reason everything's worked out well for me. But the truth is that my superpower is and always has been getting to know my customers better than anyone else. Even when I worked as a consultant to Fortune 500s, the reason I excelled was because I did everything to understand how their customers thought and behaved. I would physically go to locations to watch customers and their purchasing behaviors. By learning what customers did (and why), I was able to devise innovative solutions that blew everyone away.

In fact, that's why I started Tamboo. When I started building online businesses, I couldn't exactly watch what my customers were doing through my screen. I tried using analytics programs like Google Analytics, but all those numbers didn't help me learn much of anything. But after I built the first version of Tamboo, I got my wish. It's been the only thing to actually show me what my customers do. And that's made all the difference.

Ask yourself: How well can you honestly understand your customer if you've never watched them buy something from you?

I want you to try Tamboo on your website so you can see first-hand what I'm so excited about. That's why I'm giving you a free 14 day pass to use Tamboo on your website. No credit cards, no gimmicks.

Once you've seen how amazing an experience it is, I'm confident you won't think twice about signing up for the long term. And since I'm so convinced that Tamboo will change the way you look at how people use your website - if you're unhappy for any reason - I'll personally refund your last payment.

It's time to stop guessing about what people do when they come to your website. Let me show you.

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