See what your website visitors really do.

Have you ever wondered what people actually do on your website? Or why 99% of your visitors never turn into customers?

It's time to stop guessing—and start seeing.

Tamboo can show you exactly what your website visitors are up to—right now. Come see for yourself.

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The closest thing to looking over their shoulder

Visitor screen recording playback in action
Watch video playback of visitors using your site in a YouTube-like player.

For those times when you just need to see what people are doing—literally.

Think about how much easier would it be to run your online business if you could just see how people were interacting with your marketing site, your signup process, or your checkout page.

With Tamboo, you can do just that—and more.

That's because Tamboo records every visit to your website from start to finish and lets you play them back as videos you can watch at your convenience.

Easily find the recordings you want to watch and then sit back and enjoy as you see every scroll, mouse move, click, and keystroke exactly as your visitors performed them.

A picture that's worth more than a thousand words

All of your website visits rolled up into one easy to understand work of art.

Recordings are great for getting a deep understanding of visitor behavior, but there are times you might want to see every scroll and click—all at once.

With Tamboo's heat maps, you'll see just that.

Tamboo shows every click in full detail and takes the guess work out of knowing if something was clicked or not. That's because Tamboo shows clicks on buttons, text boxes, and other important fields in a different color and even shows a summary of the total clicks and CTR (click through rate) of those fields—automatically.

And if you have long form webpages or are doing any kind of content marketing, you'll love Tamboo's drop off metrics. They're a super easy way to see where people drop off of your webpages.

Heat maps in action
Take the guesswork out of crafting successful signup and landing pages.

Analytics that show more than just pageviews

Traditional and activity analytics.
Get insights about your visitors and their behavior.

Built to help you understand visitor behavior.

Most analytics programs show you how many visits your website has gotten—but they can't really tell you what those visitors did.

Tamboo's analytics combine the best of both worlds. You get the "overall" metrics you know and love plus metrics that show you how active visitors are on your website.

Discover how engaged people are from different traffic sources—and even which traffic sources send you the most engaged visitors.

Using Tamboo's interactive and intuitive data exploration tools, you'll find insights about your visitors and their behaviors you just can't get anywhere else.

Tag what matters most to you—so you can go right to it

Automatically organize your analytics and visitor recordings.

If you've ever been overwhelmed by the amount of data you've had to sift through when looking at analytics for your website, you'll love what Tamboo's tags can do for you.

Tamboo makes it easy for you to organize your data with tags that can track just about anything! Track when signups or sales occur, when someone visits a landing page, or even when a visit comes from an affiliate site.

Using tags, you can filter your data to see just those analytics, heat maps, and visitor recordings that you want to see. It's the fastest way to get to the things that matter most to you!

Easily tag visitor recordings
Tag what matters most to you with easy to use rules.

Works on any website, including all major platforms

Website visitor recordings for WordPress Shopify customer screen recordings Session captures for WooCommerce Magento visitor screen recording Capturing visitor screens and sessions with HTML5

Whether you use WordPress, sling your own HTML, or prefer a mix of the two—you can use Tamboo on your website.

All it takes is adding a small tracking code which takes less than a minute.

Our detailed step-by-step instructions walk you through what to do using simple language and illustrative examples so you can be up and running in no time—even if you're not an HTML expert.

We also have plugins for popular platforms like WordPress that automatically install and configure Tamboo for you—no HTML knowledge required!

And of course if you get stuck for any reason, we're here to help!

Get the visibility you've been looking for

Online Stores

Marketing Sites

SaaS Applications

Checkout Pages

Landing Pages

Content Marketing

Signups & Onboarding

One platform, multiple benefits.

Whether you run an e-commerce site, a SaaS application, a blog, or any other kind of online business, Tamboo can increase your visibility across the different customer-facing aspects of your business.

That's because Tamboo can be used on any part of your website—such as landing pages, blog posts, content marketing pieces, signup forms, onboarding screens, product pages—even purchase and checkout pages.

With Tamboo, you'll get the insights you need to improve your sales and marketing initiatives as well as your site's overall user experience.

See for yourself—you'll never look back

Join the hundreds of other businesses that have used Tamboo to see how to get more out of their website visits.

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