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A technical masterpiece.

— Eric K., Tamboo Customer
Session Recording and Replay

Session Recording + Replay—Reimagined

See what people really do on your website and find out why more of your visitors aren't becoming paying customers—all in beautiful high definition.

With Tamboo, you can easily record and watch everything your website visitors do with just one small piece of JavaScript code.

Tamboo showed me what changes I needed to make to increase visitor engagement and improve sign-ups. Numbers is one thing, user behaviour is something else entirely. You can get numbers from any analytics package, but you get real user behaviour from Tamboo.

—Kevin Beynon | Founder, Libreture
Better Than A Heat Map - Interactive Page Insights

Better Than A Heat Map—Interactive Page Insights

Uncover which page elements your website visitors click the most—without the confusion of trying to decipher a heat map.

Quickly see what your most popular page elements are and interactively explore metrics using Tamboo's Page Insights.

Tamboo helped me learn how to improve my website's user experience. I was able to analyse how different features were being used and optimized them based on what I saw. Because of this, people are signing up way faster. Tamboo helped me go from five signups a week to now almost five signups a day.

—Tony Schumacher | Founder, Custodee

Increase Conversions By Finding The Holes In Your Funnels

Discover the pages that have the biggest impact on your conversion rates—and quickly find the ones that could benefit from a little "boost".

Take the guessing game out of optimizing website conversions with Tamboo's Funnels.

Looks great—Very good technical implementation, better than [other session replay tools] in many ways.

—Eric K. | Tamboo Customer

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