Tamboo is an online service that's dedicated to helping people see first-hand how their customers interact with their online business.

In a short amount of time, Tamboo has become a recognized name in the startup industry as an advocate for understanding online customer behavior at a deeper level than was previously possible.

Tamboo was founded in 2016 by Clifford Oravec (of The Epic Guide to Bootstrapping a SaaS Startup fame as well as Founder of Veles International, Ltd.).

Clifford built the first version of what would become Tamboo for himself out of frustration from not knowing why some of his website traffic wasn't converting as expected. When talking with others about how this new tool was helping him understand his website visitors on a whole new level, he was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response he got. Seeing that others were looking for this same kind of visibility for their websites, he decided to turn Tamboo into a service that anyone could use.

Tamboo is headquartered outside of Cleveland, Ohio and continues to actively innovate and develop new capabilities to bring an even deeper understanding of customer behavior to online businesses.