Analytics that tell you how to get more signups and sales.

How is this even possible?

It started with Tamboo seeing things that you couldn't.

When we started Tamboo, it was to show you the invisible. To show you real-time videos of what people were doing on your website - every scroll, mouse move, click, and keystroke.

But while you were watching what your visitors and customers were doing, so was Tamboo. In fact, Tamboo has been watching everyone's visitors and customers.

And now, Tamboo knows things. Things that you can't.

What kind of things?

Like whether or not your visitors are interested in what you have to offer.

Like what people see and do before they decide to sign up or make a purchase.

Like what changes you should make to your website to get more signups and sales.

Welcome to a brave new world.

Tamboo tells you exactly what you need to do to get the results you want.

Tamboo doesn't just throw numbers at you. It tells you what your visitors are doing. And what you should be doing to turn them into customers.

Find out which traffic sources you should be developing that you're not. Learn how many people are really reading your content (and what to do about it). See how implementing simple recommendations to your layout or messaging can increase your conversions by over 49% - seriously.

Tamboo Analytics is currently invite-only. Don't know anyone with an invite code? Get access sooner by requesting your own invite code below:

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