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See where you lose visitors and learn how to convert more of them.

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Supercharge Your Marketing Funnel.

If your website is getting traffic—but you aren't getting enough customers—you need to see where you're losing them.

Running an online business can feel overwhelming at times—with so many "things" that you could be doing, it can be hard to know what you should be doing.

Should you focus on social media? Should you build out your SEO more? Should you revamp your pricing page? Should you be writing more for your blog? Should you simplify your registration page? Should you give content marketing another try? Should you do another ad run? Should you... should you... should you...?

It's time to stop worrying about all of those shoulda-coulda-woulda's—and to start focusing on the things that will actually make a difference to your bottom line.

With Tamboo's conversion funnels, you'll know exactly where you need to spend your time (instead of where you think you could or should).

That's because Tamboo lets you build funnels that model, visualize, and analyze your user flow. By modeling the paths that you want your visitors to take, you'll be able to see where your visitors are dropping off—which shows you what you need to focus on in order to boost your conversions (and your bottom line).

Stop building traffic to your website only to lose it to a leaky funnel. Plug your website's holes and convert more of your existing traffic into paying customers.

Funnels take the guesswork out of running an online business—and help turn you into a conversion optimizing online business maven.

Tamboo helped me learn how to improve my website's user experience. I was able to analyse how different features were being used and optimized them based on what I saw. Because of this, people are signing up way faster. Tamboo helped me go from five signups a week to now almost five signups a day.

—Tony Schumacher | Founder, Custodee
Conversion Funnel Builder

Build Powerful Business-Changing Funnels with Zero Code:

  • Map The Steps You Want Your Visitors To Take. Using our simple zero-code funnel builder, simply define which webpages represent the steps in your customers's journey from visit to purchase. You can build funnels that track conversions from your homepage, your landing pages, or even your blog posts. Our powerful matching features make this easy, letting you match pages based on exact and partial matches—even on regular expressions.
  • See How Your User Flow Follows Your Model. Once you have a funnel defined, you'll be able to see how many visitors transition to and from each step. Working from left to right, simply find the first major "dip" in your funnel - the step where you're not getting as many conversions as you'd like. As an example, let's say that you're only seeing 1% of visitors make it to your registration page from your pricing page. In this example, the funnel shows you that your pricing page is the bottleneck. Once you've identified your major "drop off" point, fixing and improving it should become immediate focus. Because this is how you're going to "free up" all those stuck conversions.
  • Watch What People Do Instead. Click the "Watch" button to start watching session recordings of what people are really doing in the step where you're losing them. (You can also use page insights to get a heatmap view.) Once you've watched a number of these recordings back-to-back, you'll start to see user behavior patterns emerging that will give you the insights you need to know what needs to change.
  • Make Changes Based on Actual Insights. Rather than just making changes to your website based on guesses, you'll be able to make changes with confidence once you've seen what people are really doing. Not only does this help you save on design and development cost and effort, but it also helps you get meaningful changes up and running in less calendar time than you'd be able to do otherwise.
  • Measure Your Results. Once your changes are published, simply compare your conversion rates going forward to see if you've "nailed it" or if you need to spend a little more time iterating on your fixes.
  • Rinse and Repeat. Continue to make improvements to the page you're optimizing, or focus on the next underperforming step in your funnel. So long as you're working left to right, you'll continue to unlock "stuck" conversions from your existing traffic. Which steps you choose to focus on are up to you!

Tamboo showed me what changes I needed to make to increase visitor engagement and improve sign-ups. Numbers is one thing, user behaviour is something else entirely. You can get numbers from any analytics package, but you get real user behaviour from Tamboo.

—Kevin Beynon | Founder, Libreture

Uncover The Hidden Factors In Your Purchase Funnel
That Are Responsible for Your Biggest Returns.

Using Tamboo's funnels, you'll be able to see which of your channels perform the best and the worst—so you'll know where you should and shouldn't put more of your traffic building efforts.

Just because a website sends you a lot of traffic doesn't mean you're getting a lot conversions from them. See where your conversions are really coming from—and how each traffic source converts at each step of your funnel.

You'll start to see which sites (and which kinds of sites) you should invest in developing more traffic from.

Ridiculously Powerful Segmentation and Search

Session Recording Search Features

With Tamboo, you can quickly slice and dice your funnel metrics to find just the information you're looking for using awesome search features such as:

  • Traffic Sources. Quickly filter metrics based on Direct Traffic, Organic Search, Social, Referral, and even Custom Traffic Sources using Tamboo's powerful URL-matching patterns, which even include regular expressions.
  • Visitor Journey. Find sessions based on your visitor's journey and quickly zero in on the areas of your website you're most interested in. Search by visitor Landing Page, Visited Page, and even Exit Page. Using Tamboo's powerful matching patterns, you can search by UTM parameters, query string values, and even search by regular expressions.
  • Tags. Any of the automatic tags you create for your recordings are immediately searchable as well. Include and exclude tags with ease to create unique search strategies.
  • User Actions. Filter metrics based on user actions, including Mouse Movement, Scrolling, Clicks, and Keystrokes. You can even include and exclude actions, so you can search for things like "all sessions with clicks but without any keystrokes".

And if that weren't enough, Tamboo also comes with all of the standard search features you'd come to expect, including:

  • Date Ranges
  • Devices
  • Browsers
  • Operating Systems
  • Duration Ranges
  • Percent of Page Viewed Ranges
  • New vs. Returning Visitors

Simpler To Use Than Kissmetrics, Full Story, Clickfunnels, or Hotjar.

All the features you want—at a price that won't wipe out your monthly revenue.

Other funnel tools like Kissmetrics, Full Story, Clickfunnels, and Hotjar come with fancy bells and whistles and super advanced features that you'll probably never use—but you still wind up paying "super advanced" pricing for.

At Tamboo, we're 100% focused on making the no-muss, no-fuss, easy-to-use, radically awesome, conversion-optimizing funnel tool that has the features that you'll actually use.

We're dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses make meaningful and profitable changes to their websites—without charging them enterprise-level prices.

Looks great—Very good technical implementation, better than [other tools] in many ways.

—Eric K. | Tamboo Customer

Get The Simplest Marketing Funnel Tool You'll Ever Use.

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It's time to stop guessing what changes you should make to your website—and to start seeing what needs to change.

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