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Heat Map

Because Trying To Use a Traditional Heatmap
Can Feel Like Trying To Read Tea Leaves.

(And not just that - they lie!)

Heat maps are a staple of internet marketing—after all, they've been around for over a decade—most notably, after Neil Patel broke the mold when he launched Crazy Egg.

When heat maps first came out over a decade ago, dynamic and responsive design were practically non-existent. And so the visuals you saw were at least fairly accurate.

But the internet of today is much different than the internet of yesteryear, and the cash-generating machines of the past haven't really made much of an effort to change with the times.

And here's the catch—what you're seeing isn't real.

That's because most heatmap software programs take a fair amount of liberty in determining "where" an actual click occurs. With responsive design, text and images constantly move and change position based on the viewport. And today's webpages aren't static like they used to be. Dynamic and interactive content reign supreme - all things that traditional heatmaps can't keep up with.

The fact is, old school heat map vendors are tied to a dying technology that can't keep up with true responsive and dynamic design. The only way for them to "keep up" with the times would be for them to drop their heat maps and embrace something new.

Thankfully, Tamboo isn't tied down with any kind of heat map nostalgia. So we decided to do something about it.

Tamboo helped me learn how to improve my website's user experience. I was able to analyse how different features were being used and optimized them based on what I saw. Because of this, people are signing up way faster. Tamboo helped me go from five signups a week to now almost five signups a day.

—Tony Schumacher | Founder, Custodee
Heatmap with Filters

Experience Heat Mapping Software That Doesn't Lie.

And get all of the page element CTR metrics you've been looking for, too.

  • See Where People Actually Click. Tamboo shows you every page element your visitors actually clicked. We don't rely solely only on x/y coordinates like other heat mapping software - we track the actual page elements themselves. You'll see clearly if someone clicked on a button or on the text next to it—with no need to interpet any tea leaves.
  • Get Accurate Click-Through Metrics. Traditional heat maps put too much focus on trying to show slick density visualizations—and not enough focus on actual metrics. With Tamboo, you'll still be able to quickly see which page elements get the most clicks with heatmap-like color coding. But rather than leave it up to you to figure out "what that means", we calculate and summarize click-through metrics for each page element for you, so you know what numbers you're actually dealing with.
  • Find Which Page Elements are "Stealing" Clicks. Are people taking the actions you want them to on your webpages - or are they "clicking off" before they've converted? You might be surprised to see which links and buttons your pages are actually stealing clicks away from your conversion goals. With Tamboo's Page Insights, you'll be able to quickly find the "click thieves" you need to fix to boost your conversions.
  • See CTRs on Every Page Element—Even Hidden Ones. Let's face it - static content is so last decade. Today's websites have dynamic content that change based on user actions, as well as JavaScript pop-up boxes that capture newsletter and email list signups (among other things). But because of the way that traditional heatmaps work, they can't show you clicks on your dynamic content. With Tamboo, you're able to get mouse click metrics on page elements that may only be visible based on actions your visitors take.
  • Automatically Capture Webpage Changes. Other heat map tools make you take manual snapshots of your webpages to track and compare them over time. If you've ever forgotten to update your snapshots after making changes to your website (or if you've ever wanted to simply look at historical data) you'll know what a pain that can be. Thankfully, Tamboo's smarter than that. That's because Tamboo automatically captures changes so you can see click metrics for your webpages at any point in time.
  • Convert More Of Your Visitors. What if you could see what someone did instead of buying from you—every time they left your site without of making a purchase? With heatmaps, you can do exactly that—and finally find the holes you need to plug. With Tamboo, you can even add funnels to your heatmapping strategy to quickly find and see where people clicked when they abandonded specific steps in your funnels.
  • Increase ROI on Your Ads and PPC. Imagine being able to improve your paid acquisition relevance score and ROI without hiring an expensive agency. (Or if you are an expensive agency, being able to get more bang for your client's buck!) See how your paid traffic interacts with your website and quickly make changes to your targeting, ads, or landing pages to take advantage of the things you see.
  • Earn Even More. Every improvement you find, and every change you make adds up. When compared to trying to "get more traffic" to boost your sales, it's the cheapest way to put more money in your pocket. And all from your existing website visitors and traffic.

Heat Maps That Actually Help You Find What You're Looking For.

Find the information you need faster with Tamboo.

Automatically Generate Heatmaps and Metrics For Every Page

Heat Map Search Features

With Tamboo, you don't have to do any kind of "heatmap setup" to start capturing data for your site. Simply install the Tamboo JavaScript code and Tamboo will automatically start collecting click metrics for every one of your webpages. That way, when you're ready to look into a page's click profile, you'll have lots of data and history to work with. Gone are the days of forgetting to "turn on" a new heatmap snapshot. It's all there for you—any time, and all the time.

Tamboo showed me what changes I needed to make to increase visitor engagement and improve sign-ups. Numbers is one thing, user behaviour is something else entirely. You can get numbers from any analytics package, but you get real user behaviour from Tamboo.

—Kevin Beynon | Founder, Libreture

Discover True Insights with Custom Heat Maps

Custom Heat Maps

Get true insights about your website visitors unlike any other heatmapping tool. With Tamboo, you can create ad-hoc, custom heat maps that show you how different factors affect and influence clicks on your webpages, including:

  • Funnels. Easily see clicks based on what steps visitors completed—or didn't complete—in your funnels. Want to see what people clicked when they visited your pricing page but didn't sign up? Easy. Or how about where people clicked after they added an item to their cart but never completed checkout? Cake.
  • Visitor Journey. Using information about your visitor's journey can show you how that affects what they click on. Easily filter clicks based on which Landing Page, Visited Page, and even Exit Page they visited. Using Tamboo's powerful matching patterns, you can search by UTM parameters, query string values, and even search by regular expressions.
  • User Actions. Filter clicks based on user actions, including Mouse Movement, Scrolling, Clicks, and Keystrokes. You can even include and exclude actions, so you can search for things like "all sessions with clicks but without any keystrokes".
  • Traffic Sources. Quickly show clicks based on Direct Traffic, Organic Search, Social, Referral, and even Custom Traffic Sources using Tamboo's powerful URL-matching patterns, which even include regular expressions. You can even choose clicks based on your webpage's traffic source or your visitor's session traffic source (or both!).
  • Tags. Any of the automatic tags you create for your recordings are immediately searchable as well in your heatmaps. Include and exclude tags with ease to create unique search strategies.
  • Hide Bounces. Sometimes it makes sense to see clicks where visitors bounced so you can see why your bounce rate is higher than expected. Other times, those bounces just get in the way of what you're really after. Tamboo makes it easy to leave bounces in when you want them, and to filter them out when you don't.

And if that weren't enough, Tamboo also comes with a number of additional standard search features that make slicing and dicing your clicks even more powerful and exciting, including:

  • Date Ranges
  • Devices
  • Browsers
  • Operating Systems
  • Duration Ranges
  • Percent of Page Viewed Ranges
  • New vs. Returning Visitors

Better for Your Bottom Line Than Crazy Egg, Clicktale,, or Hotjar.

All the features you want—at a price that won't wipe out your monthly revenue.

Other heatmapping tools like Crazy Egg, Clicktale,, and Hotjar come with fancy bells and whistles and super advanced features that you'll probably never use—but you still wind up paying "super advanced" pricing for.

At Tamboo, we're 100% focused on making the no-muss, no-fuss, easy-to-use, radically awesome, conversion-optimizing heat map tool that has the features that you'll actually use.

We're dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses make meaningful and profitable changes to their websites—without charging them enterprise-level prices.

Looks great—Very good technical implementation, better than [other tools] in many ways.

—Eric K. | Tamboo Customer

Get The Most Useful Heat Mapping Tool—Without The Hassle Of Heatmaps!

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It's time to stop deciphering all those old-school heatmap visualizations.

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