Session Recording + Replay—Reimagined

More than just a tool to record website visitors: It's a way to understand them.

Session Recording and Replay

If a Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words,
Then A Website Recording Is Worth Over a Million.


Now, we don't want to get all philosophical with you here—after all, we're "supposed to be" talking about this amazing software tool that's going to help you see what people do on your website.

But we think it's important to ask why this whole Website X-Ray Supervision we're talking about would be so useful to you and your business in the first place.

And don't worry, the answer's pretty easy: It's because it's easier for people to understand what's happening—and why it's happening—when we can actually see things happening.

Could you imagine trying to drive a car without being able to see the road? Or trying to use a chainsaw with a blindfold on?

As frightening as that might sound, that's exactly what trying to run a website using just "standard website analytics tools" is really like.

Sure, analytics tools do a great job of showing you all kinds of fancy charts and graphs and numbers. But they can't show you why your bounce rate is through the roof, why you haven't made a sale in weeks, or why people are falling out of your funnels.

But Tamboo's session recording and replay tools can. Because with Tamboo, you can watch everything people do (and don't do) when they visit your website. See every scroll, every mouse move, even every keystroke—exactly as they happened.

When it comes down to it, you can't understand your user's experience without experiencing it yourself. Trying to use analytics alone to "figure out" how to make your website better just doesn't work: Watching people as they actually use your website does.

Tamboo showed me what changes I needed to make to increase visitor engagement and improve sign-ups. Numbers is one thing, user behaviour is something else entirely. You can get numbers from any analytics package, but you get real user behaviour from Tamboo.

—Kevin Beynon | Founder, Libreture
Session Recording and Replay

What Kinds Of Things Can I Do With Tamboo's Session Replay?

Honestly? You can do a lot. (Like, a lot a lot.)

  • Watch How People Really Use Your Site. If you've never actually seen how people use your website, you're in for a surprise: People almost never follow the careful paths you've built for them to follow. See what paths they actually take, and discover how you can improve the visitor flow of your website.
  • Discover Your Visitor's (True) Journey. See everything that happens from visit to purchase, including all of the things your analytics aren't showing you. Watch what parts of your landing pages visitors engage with the most—or just gloss over. See how people interact with your pricing. Watch as they navigate—or drop out of—your onboarding screens. It's everything you've always wished you could see.
  • Experience Your User Experience In Action. We all spend a lot of time planning, designing, and working to perfect the UI and UX for our websites. But the only way to really know if we've "nailed it" is to see how real users interact with it. By seeing how people actually experience your UX, you'll be able to smash assumptions and get to the root of what's working—and what's not. Because let's face it - anything else is just guessing.
  • Catch Hidden Bugs and Errors. Are hidden website errors preventing your visitors from becoming paying customers? You may be surprised to find that your signup, onboarding, or checkout pages have hidden bugs or errors that are turning away people who otherwise would have made purchases. We should know—even we found a nasty one in our signup process early on (thanks to Tamboo).
  • Experiment Faster. While A/B testing may be all the rage, you typically need a lot of traffic (and time) to make it work. Session replay offers a leaner alternative by letting you make changes to your site and immediately watch what people do with those changes. Run quick tests weekly, daily, or even hourly—and iterate your way to awesome faster.
  • Convert More Of Your Visitors. What if you could see what someone did instead of buying from you—every time they left your site without of making a purchase? With session recordings, you can do exactly that—and finally find the holes you need to plug. With Tamboo, you can even add funnels to your session replay strategy to quickly find and watch the sessions that abandonded specific steps in your funnels.
  • Increase ROI on Your Ads and PPC. Imagine being able to improve your paid acquisition relevance score and ROI without hiring an expensive agency. (Or if you are an expensive agency, being able to get more bang for your client's buck!) See how your paid traffic interacts with your website and quickly make changes to your targeting, ads, or landing pages to take advantage of the things you see.
  • Earn Even More. Every improvement you find, and every change you make adds up. When compared to trying to "get more traffic" to boost your sales, it's the cheapest way to put more money in your pocket. And all from your existing website visitors and traffic.
Session Recording and Replay

So How Exactly Do I Use This
(Obviously Magical) Website Recording Software?

You don't have to be a wizard to use Tamboo—but you might turn into one after you start using it!

It's really as easy as:

  • Record. Tamboo starts working for you the minute you install the nifty JavaScript snippet we give you, automatically recording everything your website visitors do in the background.
  • Watch. Once you have Tamboo up and running, you can immediately start watching new recordings as people actively use your website—which is a great way to get familiar with how session replay works in action, and to start seeing how people use your website in general.

    Once you've queued up a few days (or weeks) of recordings, you can start working on specific conversion optimization improvements. For example, you might be interested in how people are responding to your pricing or product pages, with the goal being to increase your conversions on those pages. After you have some recordings saved up, you can watch those specific sessions back-to-back. This technique shows you the different usability patterns emerging on those pages—and is what will help you uncover the improvements you need to make to increase your conversions.

  • Repeat. After you've gotten comfortable doing ongoing conversion optimization improvements, it's common to add weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly UX reviews to the mix. This helps you spot new opportunities for improving your website's user experience, as well as often unconvers new conversion optimization opportunities.

Tamboo helped me learn how to improve my website's user experience. I was able to analyse how different features were being used and optimized them based on what I saw. Because of this, people are signing up way faster. Tamboo helped me go from five signups a week to now almost five signups a day.

—Tony Schumacher | Founder, Custodee

Doesn't Watching Every Visitor Recording
Take a lot of Time?

It sure would—if it weren't for Tamboo!

The first thing you should know is that with Tamboo, you don't need to watch every recording—just the one's you're interested in. And Tamboo makes that super easy with insanely powerful search features and easy-to-use recording playback controls.

Find It Faster With Our Ridiculously Powerful Search

Session Recording Search Features

With Tamboo, you can quickly slice and dice your recordings to find just the ones you're interested in watching using awesome search features such as:

  • Funnels. Easily find recordings based on what steps visitors completed—or didn't complete—in your funnels. Want to see recordings for all the users who visited your pricing page but didn't sign up? Easy. Or how about for users who added an item to their cart but never completed their checkout? Cake.
  • Visitor Journey. Find sessions based on your visitor's journey and quickly zero in on the areas of your website you're most interested in. Search by visitor Landing Page, Visited Page, and even Exit Page. Using Tamboo's powerful matching patterns, you can search by UTM parameters, query string values, and even search by regular expressions.
  • User Actions. Filter recordings based on user actions, including Mouse Movement, Scrolling, Clicks, and Keystrokes. You can even include and exclude actions, so you can search for things like "all sessions with clicks but without any keystrokes".
  • Traffic Sources. Quickly jump to recordings based on Direct Traffic, Organic Search, Social, Referral, and even Custom Traffic Sources using Tamboo's powerful URL-matching patterns, which even include regular expressions.
  • Tags. Any of the automatic tags you create for your recordings are immediately searchable as well. Include and exclude tags with ease to create unique search strategies.
  • Hide Bounces. Sometimes it makes sense to watch recordings where visitors bounced so you can see why your bounce rate is higher than expected. Other times, those bounces just get in the way of what you're really after. Tamboo makes it easy to leave bounces in when you want them, and to filter them out when you don't.

And if that weren't enough, Tamboo also comes with all of the standard search features you'd come to expect, including:

  • Date Ranges
  • Devices
  • Browsers
  • Operating Systems
  • Pageview Ranges
  • Duration Ranges
  • New vs. Returning Visitors
  • Watch History

Experience Eye-Watering Session Replay Speed

Session Recording and Replay

Tamboo helps you shred through recordings in record time with killer playback features and controls like:

  • Up to 4x Playback Speed. Watch recordings in real-time, 2x them, or bump it up to an impressive 4x playback speed and cut to the chase faster.
  • Skip Pauses. Cut out the noise and get straight to the signal. Skipping pauses can take the watch time for a 30 minute recording down to under a minute.
  • High-Speed Scrubbing. Impatient? Just grab the high-speed scrubber and you can preview your way through a recording in seconds.
  • Step It Up. Step backwards or forwards through recordings over intelligent step intervals.
  • Skip to The End. Jump to the end of recordings to see where people leave pages and what actions they ultimately take.
  • Activity Summary. Want to know what happened in a recording without having to watch it? Tamboo makes that easy by showing a summary of every activity taken in every recording. See everything a user clicked or typed in an easy to understand grid.
  • Navigate to Activity. Using the Activity Summary, you can jump to the exact spot where any activity occurred in a recording by simply clicking on it. Get right to the part that interests you the most, whether that's where they fill out a form or click on a button.
  • Autoplay and Skip Pages. Automatically play pages in a session back-to-back or cherry pick the ones you want to see yourself.

Better for Your Bottom Line Than Hotjar, Full Story, Inspectlet, or Mouseflow.

All the features you want—at a price that won't wipe out your monthly revenue.

Other session recording tools like Hotjar, Full Story, Inspectlet, and Mouseflow come with fancy bells and whistles and super advanced features that you'll probably never use—but you still wind up paying "super advanced" pricing for.

At Tamboo, we're 100% focused on making the no-muss, no-fuss, easy-to-use, radically awesome, conversion-optimizing session recording tool that has the features that you'll actually use.

We're dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses make meaningful and profitable changes to their websites—without charging them enterprise-level prices.

Looks great—Very good technical implementation, better than [other session replay tools] in many ways.

—Eric K. | Tamboo Customer

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Session Recording and Replay