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Session Replay

See everything your website visitors do—exactly as they do it

Visitor recordings

With Tamboo, the answers are right in front of you.

If you've ever had to try to figure out why people leave your website without buying anything, you know how frustrating it is to play "mind reader" with your website visitors.

Thankfully, Tamboo's session replay feature lets you see exactly what people do on your website in high definition video—so you don't have to keep playing "guessing games".

It's the closest thing to being able to watch over someone's shoulder as they use your website—without having to be in the room with them.

By watching how people use your website, you'll finally be able to see what they really do—as opposed to what you think they should do.

You'll see what stands out to people, what they spend the most time looking at, where they get stuck, what they gloss over, and every other nuance and detail you've never seen—but should.

Because what you see just might surprise you.

See what you've been missing!

  • Watch what people do on your website from the moment they enter to the moment they leave—and everything in between.
  • Watch videos of entire visits from start to finish or pick and choose which pages you want to see videos of.
  • See every action your visitors take—including every click, scroll, mouse move, and keystroke—in real-time.
  • Pause, play, rewind, and fast-forward with ease to get to the parts you want to see.
  • Easy to setup and get running on any website—just add our small tracking code.


When clicks count, don't leave anything to chance


Seeing opportunity has never been easier.

Sometimes you need to see the "big picture" to understand what's going on—and that's exactly what Tamboo's heatmaps help you do.

When one click can mean the difference between a new customer or just another missed opportunity, understanding where you're getting or losing those clicks can be everything.

That's why Tamboo's heatmaps can show you exactly which buttons and links people click—and even summarize click counts and CTRs for you. With Tamboo's intelligent click detection, you don't need to guess if people actually clicked a button or not—because we'll show you.

And our heatmaps don't stop at just clicks. With mouse movement heatmaps, you can see where visitors hover and use their mouse the most—which is a leading indicator of interest.

Using heatmaps, you'll be able to quickly find ways to improve your on-page conversion rates. You'll see which links and buttons are "stealing" clicks from your main call to action. You'll uncover which of your CTAs are most effective. You'll find out where people are dropping off. And you'll discover what people are really looking for.

The possibilities are almost endless.

Up your conversion game!

  • See everything and everywhere your visitors click—in one gorgeous visualization.
  • Get automatic counts and CTR calculations for every link, button, and form field.
  • Find out where people drop off your pages so you know where to focus on retention.
  • Know what your visitors really clicked with intelligent click detection.
  • Create custom heatmaps based on traffic sources, tags, and even user behaviors.
  • Uncover your most effective CTAs—and find out which ones need work.


Optimize your way to success


Set goals. And then crush them.

Trying to optimize your website can feel like an overwhelming experience. Especially if you don't know where to start.

Instead of trying to guess what's not working, wouldn't it be great if you could see what's not working?

And that's where funnels come in. They bring order to the chaos of conversion optimization. Think of them like treasure maps leading you to conversion gold.

Funnels model your customer's journey as they navigate your website from landing page to purchase—and show where you're losing them.

By "working your funnel" from left to right, you'll see where people drop off—so you'll know which pages you need to work on.

They're visual roadmaps telling you where to focus your conversion efforts.

And with Tamboo's innovative "mini-funnels", you'll also see which traffic sources send you the highest converting traffic—so you know where to get more of it.

By using funnels, you'll always know where your next big optimization win is.

Convert like a pro!

  • Easily create your own custom funnels with our easy-to-use funnel builder tool.
  • Get the insights and the confidence you need to know where to focus your conversion efforts.
  • All the conversion scores and metrics you need to find your next big opportunity.
  • Uncover the visual roadmap you've been looking for to guide your optimization decisions.
  • Watch session replays of what people do at each step inside of your funnel with a single click.
  • Discover where you get your best traffic from—and where you don't.

Behavioral Analytics

More than just pageviews and session durations

Because it's what people do that really matters.

When it comes down to it, engagement is what drives conversion rates.

Pageviews and session durations may tell you how many people are visiting your website and for how long—but they won't tell you what those people are doing.

That's why behavioral analytics are built right into Tamboo. Wherever you are in Tamboo, you'll find behavior-driven metrics and filters that help you understand what actions people are (or aren't) taking.

If you want to get a quick idea for how engaged your visitors are, you'll love Tamboo's Engagement Score, which measures user engagement based on a number of behavioral metrics. Quickly see how engaged your visitors are across your entire site, on a given page, or even in just a particular recording.

It's everything your analytics program wishes it could be.

Get the metrics that matter!

  • Always-at-your-fingertips behavioral analytics are built right into the platform.
  • Easily filter funnels, recordings, heatmaps, and analytics based on behavior.
  • Quickly understand how engaged your visitors really are with Tamboo's proprietary Engagement Score.
  • See how changes you make to your site affect engagement over time.
  • Uncover which sites send you the most engaged traffic—so you can intelligently focus your traffic-building efforts.

See a whole new side of your website

Are you ready to see everything you've been missing?

Our mission is simple: To do everything we can to knock your socks off.

(And our customers have been going through a lot of pairs of socks lately!)

Every day, we do everything we can to help make you and your website (even more) awesome with Tamboo!

Now with more awesome!

  • Powerful rules-based tagging for flagging recordings and visits that matter the most to you.
  • Easy to configure user tracking so you can see which of your users did what.
  • New features and enhancements added regularly.
  • Human-friendly documentation and setup instructions.
  • Awesome support from people who actually care about helping you get what you need.

Once you experience Tamboo on your website, you'll never look back.

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