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Tamboo for WordPress is the easiest way to record and watch what people do on your WordPress site - every scroll, mouse move, click, and keystroke.

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Imagine if you could watch high-definition videos of your website visitors in a YouTube-like player

See every scroll, mouse movement, click, and keystroke

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Writing great content is only one part of running a successful blog. Getting readers to engage with your other content, subscribe to your mailing list, and come back for new posts are other keys to success. Watching how visitors engage with your content can help you understand what interests them and what disinterests them. See where readers scroll through too fast or slow down to devour every written word.

Info Products

The first-time offering of an info product is usually the most important (and lucrative). You need to understand how your website visitors interact with your marketing and product pages as quickly as possible so you can detect issues and make changes before your window of opportunity is over. See how visitors interact with your site - and how the changes you make affect their behavior - in real-time.

SaaS Signups

Getting new signups while lowering your CAC and maximizing your LTV are key to running a successful Software-as-a-Service business. By optimizing your marketing pages, you can increase the number of signups to your app and at the same time lower your CAC (more conversions!) Watch how your visitors behave on your marketing pages to see where they spend the most time, or what might be causing them to hit the back button before they sign up.


Did you know that 67.91% of shopping carts are abandonded before checkout? Do you know if that's happening to you - and why? Did they leave because they couldn't find the checkout button? Or did they not like the available payment options? Find out by watching your visitors as they navigate your site to make a purchase. Instantly see where they hesitate, pause, go off the intended path, or even bounce from your site.

Content Marketing

Content marketing can feel like a real guessing game at times. One way to hone your content marketing skills is to watch how people read your content. This alone will tell you more about how to structure your content than anything else. For example, did you know that most people read your intro - then immediately scroll to the bottom and read your closing? Only then do they go back and read the article in full (if they're still interested, of course). Imagine what else you can learn.

Landing Pages

Building out landing pages can be a time-consuming process, with a lot of effort spent on finding the right headline, message, and copy to truly resonate with your visitors. Rather than blindly A/B test a hundred different "experiments", what if you could see how captivated or disengaged visitors are with your different landing pages? Quickly see which elements of your most successful landing pages drive the most engagement and conversions.

Paid Advertising

When you're paying to drive traffic to your site - whether you're paying for purchases or leads - you want to make sure every dollar counts. Are people intrigued by your ad, but don't engage wth your purchase page? Or do they hestitate when they see the "buy" button? Do mobile users behave differently on your site than you expected? Easily see and experience all of the nuanced behavior that can give you the insights you need to hone your paid sales funnels.

And More

Tamboo can be used on any website - public or private - to see exactly what your visitors see and do. If you've ever wondered how mobile users use your site, or what people actually do on your pages - Tamboo will show you the answers.

Tamboo and WordPress - Better Together

Chances are you're running a WordPress site because you want people to read your content - and then take some action.

Maybe it's to get people to sign up for your newsletter or email list. Or maybe it's to convince them why they should become a customer of yours.

But if you're like other WordPress site owners we've talked to, you probably have more questions than answers when it comes to those things: Why aren't people signing up for my newsletter? Why aren't I getting any leads? Why don't people download my e-book? Why do they come to my site but leave without doing anything?

While WordPress might make it easy to create content and draw people to your website, it can still be hard to figure out if what you've put out there is something people care about.

That's where Tamboo comes in.

Tamboo automatically records what visitors to your WordPress site do - every scroll, mouse move, click, and keystroke - and lets you play those visits back as videos in a YouTube-like player. Just install the Tamboo WordPress plugin and you'll be recording and watching your website visitors - just like that.

If you've ever wondered why people come to your website and leave without taking any action, now's your chance to find out. Watch what people do - or don't do - so you can make changes based on what you see, and not just on what you think.

Adding Tamboo to your WordPress site is like waking up and suddenly having X-ray vision. Get Tamboo today - you'll wonder how you ever ran a website without it.